SMTR GROUP is proud to have more than 60 years experience of the Automotive, Building, Display, Service industries, and in Aluminium profiles.

SMTR Group began by specialising in the engineering and manufacture of tanks; Fuel Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks and Water Tanks with Simetri Tank, and later, by customer demand started to produce other vehicle body parts. They then became the leader in display equipment with Simetri Rack; Wire Shelf Systems, Display Equipment, Stands, Cool Storage, CNC Wire Bending and Special Productions. Simetri proceeded to expand by manufacturing quality interior and exterior doors, high-tech steel doors and fire doors, and incorporated Simetri Door into the group. In response to customer demand, Simetri Body began producing top bodies for goods vehicles. With the latest member of the group, Meyvesepeti, they have entered the food service industry preparing sweet & fruit baskets. With Simetri R&D they carry out MONORAIL and ELECTRIC BUS projects. Most recently Simetri Furniture began producing all kind of metal furniture parts and furniture.

53 Year

6 in the continent

5 sector

50+ Reference

22000+ Employment



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